select past projects

For Our Purposes (2016)

For Our Purposes is a work for 4 dancers and 9 musicians (string quartet, two vocalists, piano, trumpet, & trombone) made in an intensive process over the course of summer 2016. Choreography was created in collaboration with dancers Melissa Pillarella, Jackie Pitts, & Christine Shallenberg, and Sam Sharp wrote & directed the music, which was performed by Valdone Arffa, Nora Barton, Tim Hager, Jason Jackson, Matt Martin, Jered Montgomery, Taylor Rogers, Iris Wei, and Sam. For Our Purposes showed to sold-out audiences at Links Hall in Chicago for three nights in September on a split bill with Haydée Souffrant.

Full video shot & edited by Jane Jerardi; link available soon. Trailer below & all photos by Chien-An Yuan.


Photo credit: Chien-An Yuan

Photo credit: Chien-An Yuan


The Fly Honey Show VII (2016)

At the same time I was working on For Our Purposes, I participated for the first time in The Fly Honey Show, an annual feminist cabaret put on in Chicago by The Inconvenience. I was a member of the Hive, the historically masc ensemble. It changed my life.


Vaudeo Motion (2015/periodically ongoing)

Vaudeo Motion is a collaboration with audio-video artists Ben Baker-Smith and Evan Kühl, who have been working together as the synaesthetic media duo Vaudeo Signal since 2010. Ben and Evan explore the manipulation of analog signals in real time using an instrument made up of uniquely integrated, customized audio-video hardware. This exploration seeks out synaesthetic experiences that open up the extreme reaches of what consumer media devices can, will, or will not produce beyond the limits of their intended use. Our trio collaboration expands this process. Occupying the space between a camera and projection, my movement becomes a part of an inter-reactive audio-video feedback system, wherein the silhouette directly affects the audio and video components of the performance, and vice versa. Vaudeo Motion was in residence at High Concept Labs in spring & summer 2015 and also performed at Links Hall as part of the Live to Tape Festival, curated by Jesse Malmed.


Scatterdance Festival & Two steps back (2014)

The Scatterdance Festival, coproduced with Greer Dworman & Micheline Wu (visiting artist from NYC/Boston), offered the first Technique Together and Queer Ballet class series as well as Practicing Performing, an event/context wherein artists could work on performance anxiety challenges. The festival culminated in a show at the Hamlin Park Theatre, featuring work by Greer Dworman + Erica Ricketts, Micheline Wu, The Space Movement Project, and me. I showed Two steps back, an ensemble work created in an intensive process with dancers Helen Joyce & Natalie Breitmeyer.