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All the things since October 4

I missed updating in November. Here's the past two months of witnessing. Was a lot more than the month or two before that and I was grateful for the many comps and already free shows that helped along the way.

Trigger at the New Museum, NYC, October 7

work by several artists but most memorably, for me, Tiffany Chung, various galleries in Chelsea, NYC, October 10. My cousin who is a curator took me out to places I would have never known to go and I think TC's work will stick with me for a long time

The World/Inferno Friendship Society at the Cobra Lounge, Chicago, October 14. Happy birthday to my best friend for whom we went to this. Also it's weird and amazing to see in adulthood a band you idolized as a teenager whom you wouldn't idolize if you got to know them for the first time now but whom it is still cool to see perform in person once more

my brother's quartet performing his album Abbey Bowed and some other great stuff at The Store and Gallery Cabaret, Chicago, October 15 and 18. Really love seeing my brother perform, especially this adaptation of Abbey Road which I find to be incredibly beautiful and full of depth

all the artists at Salonathon, Beauty Bar, Chicago, October 16

all the artists at the Elevate Chicago Dance late night showcases at Defibrillator and Links Hall, Chicago, October 20 and 21. Particularly struck by the works I saw this weekend by Darling Shear, Antibody Corporation, THE ERA, and Erin Kilmurray

Battle of the Sexes at the Landmark, Chicago, October 21

Blade Runner 2049 at 600 North with the cushy seats that lean back, Chicago, October 22

all the artists at Research Project #14, Outer Space, Chicago, October 23 bless this event for continuing to be awesome. So grateful to host every time

They by Anahita Ghazvinizadeh at River East, Chicago, October 26

All the founders of Congrats on Your Success at their 5-year anniversary show at Uncharted Books, Chicago, November 2. This show was truly incredible and I was left, as I often am after seeing great comedy, with a feeling of enormous gratitude and awe

Leyla McCalla at Schuba's, Chicago, November 3. My friend Free has been touring with this amazing musician for the past several years, and it's been amazing to catch them a number of times in Chicago.

Lucinda Williams at the Park West, Chicago, November 7. Go be one of only 2 queer millennials at a Lucinda Williams show and you will meet the only other one and be adopted by your elders

Skits & Pieces by Kelly Anderson Dance Theatre at Steppenwolf, Chicago, November 8

A-Squared Festival at Links Hall, Chicago, November 10. Really loved seeing new work by my friend M Wu and her collaborator Hugh Sato

Lucky Plush's Rooming House at Steppenwolf, Chicago, November 11

photography by Jess Dugan on display all month at the Center on Halsted, Chicago

Fun Home at Victory Gardens, Chicago, November 16

Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri at the Bow Tie, New Haven, November 25

Lady Bird at the Bow Tie, New Haven, November 26