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All the things since March 1

Creating this page had the unexpected effect of creating a sense of pressure around what things feel or felt significant to write about specifically. Also, I see so much work as part of my practice that it would be an extra job to write thoughtfully enough about everything that I would feel comfortable recording such thoughts for eternity via the interwebs. Anyway, here's a bunch of stuff I saw that reminded me of why it all matters (or didn't, but was worth noting for some other reason):

(the movie) Logan at the Logan (Theatre), 3/2/2017. Honestly my disbelief was not suspended through the ending, but action movies get me through life sometimes.

minor matter by Ligia Lewis at the Chicago Cultural Center, 3/3/2017. As I was watching this work, I found myself thinking, is this the greatest work I've ever seen? Bless Shoni for bringing this work to Chicago in a series that was free, no less.

the movies Drive, The Fifth Element, and Alien, my living room, 3/4/2017. I was supposed to tutor and go to a roda and see a dance show and go to a queer ball. Instead I got sick and watched action movies all day. It was honestly pretty alright. Someday I'm going to flesh out my thoughts on how I feel about the male protagonists and glorified heterosexual relationships of action movies.

lil BLK by NIC Kay at Hamlin Park Theater, 3/16/2017. Another big ups to the OnEdge Festival for bringing incredible free work to this city. Really glad I got to see this solo after having been out of town for the version NIC did at Links Hall.

two different solos by Ayako Kato on the Raw Material bill at Links Hall, 3/17 and 3/18/2017. This woman, always.

A Great Hunger by Jessica Jobaris & General Magic at On the Boards in Seattle, 3/19/2017. I used to live in Seattle and the performance & dance communities there shaped my consciousness significantly. 18 months ago I found out a work my friend Neil was part of had been programmed on OTB's 2017 season and I said "I'M GOING TO BE THERE!" Later it turned out my friend Rosa was also going to be in this work. I went to Seattle for 40 hours to see it. It was beautiful. It was worth it. 

Exploration by Jessica Martin at Links Hall, 3/25/2017. My friend Jessica's work asks me to see things I don't always see, and then asks me to take more responsibility for seeing them more often.

Give It To You Stage by Yackez (Larissa & Jon Velez-Jackson) at New York Live Arts, 3/29/2017. Lord god. Thank you Larissa. Thank you Jon. Thank you cast. Thank you New York City. Thank you people who work hard their whole lives to make the best goddamn work they can.

the museum Dia: Beacon in Beacon, NY, visited on 3/31/2017. This entire place made me want to weep. 

process showing of Saints by Tess Dworman through the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, NY, 4/1/2017. No but actually, this shit blew my mind.

Album by Mariana Valencia, Brooklyn Arts Exchange, 4/8/2017. Once again, thank you New York City, and thank you job that allows me to go other places and see things I wouldn't otherwise see.