Somewhere on the spectrum between record and reflection

All the things since April 1

Qi gong and rehearsal with Laurel Atwell, NYC, 4/10 & 4/11/2017. In Laurel's class, the interweaving of physical exercise & sensation with emotional relevance was really nourishing. The rehearsal I visited the next day was a reminder/model of a kind of dance processes I want to be part of.

Dia: Beacon round 2, this time with cousins & family, Beacon, NY, 4/15/2017. God it was good to go back to that beautiful place. Also the tour guide was [100 emoji]. I took notes.

Sam Rae, Shark Heart, & Taylor Rogers at Uncommon Ground, 4/16/2017

Picnic by William Inge & directed by Will Davis at the American Theater Company, 4/20/2017

blue fish by Ayako Kato, Pritzker stage at Millennium Park, 4/21/2017

Their Finest at Landmark Century Cinema, 4/23/2017. Took my parents out. Dad picked the movie. Didn't know anything about it ahead of time but it was actually totally great.

Quinn Tsan at Cafe Mustache, 4/26/2017. I adore this human, was great to finally see her perform some of her music

Synapse New Works at Hamlin Park, 4/27/2017

Congrats on Your Success with Easy being filmed!!!, Uncharted Books, 4/28/2017 YES YES YES COMEDY CHICAGO THANK YOU GODDESS BLESS ALL

Get Out at the Logan Theater, 4/28/2017. Finally saw this, very grateful for it, and pretty sure the only appropriate response as a white person is continued action toward reparations

All the many artists & works on the bill of HybridSalon 4 at the Hairpin Arts Center, 4/29 & 4/30/2017I was on this bill too. The whole participation and witnessing experience reminded me so very clearly that artists are people who labor and show up, and also that we who perform are lucky, and also that all of this is worthwhile. Thanks Lindsey Barlag Thornton & Amanda Dunne Acevedo who organize, curate, & produce this whole thing, and many many thanks to all the artists I got to know through being part of it.

May Day march in Chicago, 5/1/2017. Have some questions about my choice to include this, but I gotta say that linking up with my friends who were playing percussion and singing, and then hearing this huge ensemble of drummers echo wildly under Ogilvie as we moved down Randolph toward downtown, was pretty spectacular and made the reasons we were all there resonate even more.