Somewhere on the spectrum between record and reflection

All the things since May 1

various artists at JELLO: The Fifth, guest curated by Erin Kilmurray, Links Hall, 5/1/2017

the second half of Salonathon: Mayday, Beauty Bar, 5/1/2017

Guardians of the Galaxy at the Logan, 5/4/2017 words cannot express

The Arrow at the Neo-Futurists', 5/7/2017. I'm into what's happening here.

Naomi Klein & Michelle Alexander at the Auditorium Theatre, 5/9/2017. I'M DEFINITELY INTO WHAT'S HAPPENING HERE.

Guardians of the Galaxy at the Logan, 5/10/2017 yeah that happened twice. Essay forthcoming

Open Source String Quartet via Classical Revolution at Gallery Cabaret, 5/16/2017

all the artists at Research Project #13, OuterSpace, 5/21/2017This event continually feels worth it and I'm so grateful to everyone who shows up.

all the artists at Set Free, 5/22/2017

Salonathon: Emergency Exit, 5/29/2017

dress rehearsal of Joanna Furnans' Genuine Fake at Links Hall, 5/31/2017