Somewhere on the spectrum between record and reflection

All the things since July 1

Brokeback Mountain, apartment in Brooklyn, 7/3/2017 wait a second wait what wait how did I never wait wait a minute I uh...

Baby Driver, Logan Theater, 7/13/2017

Spiderman: Homecoming, Logan Theater, 7/16/2017. There is a lot of stuff this movie gets really right. As I sometimes find myself saying, Essay Forthcoming

all the artists at Salonathon: 6 years!, Beauty Bar, 7/17/2017 YAY SALONATHON I LOVE YOU CONTINUE FOREVER

Kundiman Fellows reading featuring poetry by Feliz Lucia Molina, Suman Chhabra, Helene Achanzar, and Timothy Moore, Pilsen Community Books, 7/20/2017. Big thanks to my friend Helene for bringing me out to this before her departure from Chicago.

The Portrait of Dorian Gray, Runaways Lab Theater, 7/21/2017

all the artists at Salonathon: Family Reunion, Beauty Bar, 7/31/2017

The L Word, everywhere in my brain, all month Bookend to the Brokeback sitch: literally what have I been doing not having watched this show before. It is of course deeply flawed but my what a square meal in the otherwise often slim pickings of mainstream queer-heavy media.