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 Photo credit: Chien-An Yuan, from rehearsal alongside Jackie Pitts, 2016.

Photo credit: Chien-An Yuan, from rehearsal alongside Jackie Pitts, 2016.

Thanks to the so far incredible FIELD/WORK Residency at the Chicago Artists Coalition, and specifically to Gibran Villalobos for his workshop on artist statements, my writing-about-myself is under construction. But basically, I make work that is genre-fluid—incorporating choreography, stories, and songs—and that feels appropriately housed within contemporary dance and performance. It's queer, funny, earnest, sometimes emo, detailed, and replete with content. Right now I'm working on a solo called Small Boobs that attempts to WTF the crossroads of normative notions of gender and normative notions of romantic love. I find myself shooting the shit with the audience until we both feel relaxed, changing my clothes in front of everyone, and executing awkward, semi-sexual choreography to 80s love songs. I have a generally caretaking attitude to everyone in the room.

Apart from my own work, I've performed with and for Dao Nguyen, the Fly Honey Show/The Inconvenience, M Wu, Ayako Kato, Jane Jerardi, Kirsten Leenaars, Joshua Kent, Emilio Rojas, The Space Movement Project, Willi Dorner, and Tonya Lockyer, among others. I've been an artist in residence at High Concept Labs as part of Vaudeo Motion, a sound/video/movement trio.

With support from several organizations and individuals, I coordinate a works-in-progress series called Research Project and maintain a general practice of supporting artists in doing what they're trying to do. I've served on artist selection panels, organized dance classes intended to fill gaps in Chicago’s offerings, and initiated workshops on mental health in the context of creative process. In the coming year, I’ll be working on a new project intended to help working artists more easily cover their basic living costs. There's more information about these things on the rest of this website.

I have a degree from Oberlin College, train capoeira angola with FICA Chicago, make my living working for an online tutoring company, and volunteer as a GED tutor at the Center on Halsted. I'm based in Chicago, my hometown, and have been deeply influenced by my time and training in Seattle, the Bay Area, and New York City.