Co-MISSIONS Residency at Links Hall (March - May 2018, performances May 31 & June 2)

LANDING with Miguel Gutierrez & co at Gibney Dance in NYC


Practicing Performing: A Performance Anxiety Workshop

Does performing scare the shit out of you? Is it also your primary mode of human interaction? Do both of those propositions go a little to far, but still, you do sometimes have a sympathetic nervous system response when doing your thing in front of others? If so, this workshop is for you.

Practicing Performing takes an exposure therapy and research-based approach to a common challenge. Each week of this workshop, which runs on third Wednesdays from February through June 2018, participants will have the chance to:
- Perform up to 5 minutes of content
- Debrief the experience with others
- Learn about current highlights in research around anxiety in general, performance anxiety in particular, and strategies for working with both
- Connect with others over a shared challenge

7:30-9pm, third Wednesdays through June (April 18, May 16, & June 20)

VOLTA Performing Arts, 2142 N. Milwaukee, Chicago

**RSVP REQUIRED** in order to ensure space.
Email to RSVP.

Cost: $10 with some facilitator-funded spaces reserved. Ask about this in your RSVP. 

Performers of all disciplines and experience levels welcome.

VOLTA is a ground-level accessible storefront on Milwaukee near Western & Armitage and off the Blue Line and several bus lines.