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Photo credit: Matthew Gregory Hollis.

Photo credit: Matthew Gregory Hollis.

I make work that incorporates dance, sound, cultural analysis, and comedy, among other tools, and reflects my lived experience as a queer white midwestern millennial. I’ve been an artist in residence at High Concept Labs (as part of Vaudeo Motion), VOLTA Performing Arts, and Links Hall Co-MISSIONS, and recently participated in LANDING 2.0 at Gibney NYC and FIELD/WORK at the Chicago Artists Coalition. I’ve performed with and for Udita Upadhyaya, the Fly Honey Show (Featured Performer 2018, Hive member 2016-18), Dao Nguyen, M Wu, Jane Jerardi, Ayako Kato, Joshua Kent, Emilio Rojas, The Space Movement Project, Bill Young, Willi Dorner, Kirsten Leenaars, and Tonya Lockyer, among others.

With support from several organizations and individuals, I coordinate a works-in-progress series called Research Project and maintain a general practice of supporting artists in doing what they're trying to do. I regularly work 1-1 with artists on creative process, and have served on artist selection panels, organized dance classes intended to fill gaps in Chicago’s offerings, and initiated workshops on mental health in the context of creative making. I’m on a long-term timeline for a project to establish a prototype of universal basic income/emergency insurance for artists. There's more information about these things elsewhere on this website.

I have a degree from Oberlin College, train capoeira angola with FICA Chicago, and make my living working for an online tutoring company. I'm based in Chicago, my hometown, and have been deeply influenced by my time and training in Seattle, the Bay Area, and New York City.