Research Project

Photo credit: Anne Kasdorf. Pictured: performance by keyon gaskin at RP 6

Photo credit: Anne Kasdorf. Pictured: performance by keyon gaskin at RP 6

Research Project (RP) is a quarterly works-in-progress series that offers a community forum for experimentation, emerging ideas, and artist-to-peer support. RP brings together movement-based artists in the midst of their creative development to show work, share process, give & receive response, and chew the fat. RP has been hosted at OuterSpace Studios in Wicker Park, Chicago since it was founded by Greer Dworman in 2013, initially supported by The Space Movement Project and now by the continued generosity of The Watering Can Dance. I have been coordinating RP since summer 2014, and as of fall 2017, Aurora Tabar has joined this process as we seek to usher RP into its next 5 years. 


Open Call for Submissions

Proposals to show work at RP are accepted on an ongoing basis, with the following details and deadlines for 2018:

RP 16, March 25, 2018: proposals accepted until March 1

RP 17, May 27, 2018: proposals accepted until May 1

RP 18, July 22, 2018: proposals accepted until July 1

If you’re interested in showing work, please know and send along the following:

– RP is shaped to serve movement-based artists, though we encourage a broad view of this language.

– Please send us a brief description of the work you wish to share, where you are in your process, and what you hope to gain from this in-progress opportunity. What are you looking for from your audience?

– If possible, please send a link to a brief work sample reflecting your current research.

– Please let us know the length of time that would best serve your needs in showing. Most performances usually run 10 minutes or under (excerpts of longer works welcome), but we are sometimes able to arrange for longer showings.

Artists will present their work at OuterSpace Studios, 1474 N. Milwaukee, 3rd Floor in Wicker Park, Chicago. We regret that there is not an elevator available at this space.

Submit proposals to


Research Project History

RP 15: Ginger Krebs, Chih Hsien Lin, Cherrie Yu, & Zach Nicol

RP 14: Helen Lee, Tanniqua-Kay Buchanan, Christine Shallenberg, & Megan Rhyme 

RP 13: Sara Zalek + KG Price, Izah Ransohoff + Charley Guptill, Courtney Mackedanz, & Carla Gruby

RP 12: M Wu, Amal Rogers, & The Space Movement Project

RP 11: Aurora Tabar, Megan Schneeberger, Hadley Smith, Carson Reiners, & Ilya Vidrin

RP 10: Evvie Allison, Aerica Siegel, Jessica Cornish + Lia Kohl, Carla Gruby, & Joanna Furnans

RP 9: Michael Workman + Jessica Cornish, Jamm n’ Honey, Jia Zhao + Avital Meshi, Charles Joseph Smith, & Rose Bouboushian

RP 8: Hope Goldman, Courtney Mackedanz, Joshua Kent, Megan Pitcher/MegLouise Dance, & The Space Movement Project

RP 7: Lorene Bouboushian, BOOMERANG, Joanna Furnans, Alana Parekh, & Molly Elizabeth Ross

RP 6: keyon gaskin, Anna Martine Whitehead, BOOMERANG, & Shannon Grayson

RP 5: Greer Dworman, Vaudeo Motion, Sara Zalek, & Joshua Kent

RP 4: M Wu, Nora Sharp, Sarah Gottlieb, & Hope Goldman (with a satellite performance at Unity Lutheran Church, Chicago)