Over the coming year I'll be continuing to develop my solo Small Boobs as an artist in residence at VOLTA Performing Arts and at Links Hall, both in Chicago. Links will present the work as part of their Co-MISSIONS program the first weekend in June. I am so deeply grateful to both of these spaces for the opportunity make and share my work there.

I'm also part of the second year of FIELD/WORK, an educational and professional development residency at the Chicago Artists' Coalition, and from January - June 2018 I'll be part of the second year of LANDING with Miguel Gutierrez at Gibney Dance in NYC. I'm thrilled about both of these opportunities to keep learning and challenging myself in community with fellow artists.


I'm teaching a 3-month workshop as part of my residency at Volta and I'm ridiculously excited about it! Here's all the information:

Workshop Series: Anxiety in Creative Process & Performance

In this collaborative workshop, we will explore the ways that anxiety can manifest in the creative process. We’ll work with performance anxiety, but we’ll also investigate less commonly named experiences of anxiety that come up in the process of making work and in our personal lives in relation to our making. How do we notice anxiety arising? How does it support us? When does it feel unhelpful, and how might we soothe ourselves in those moments? We will ask questions from a place of generosity and curiosity, seeking to identify and examine our patterns and develop new emotional skill sets to work with those patterns. We’ll stay grounded in the assumptions that we are already whole, that we’re already Doing It, and that the community can offer us new information and ways to reframe our challenges.

Hosted at VOLTA Performing Arts, this workshop is designed for makers of all disciplines who struggle with anxiety or simply seek greater freedom in their making. You may drop in for individual nights or attend the whole series; we will center specific themes each time while developing a thread of practice over the course of the series. The workshop will be facilitated by VOLTA Artist in Residence Nora Sharp. Please be aware that Nora has no formal training in mental health but a vast education in anxiety from the school of life, and will be approaching the material with an interest in collective expertise.

Wednesdays 10/18, 11/15, and 12/20
VOLTA Performing Arts, 2142 N. Milwaukee, Chicago
Contact with further questions.

VOLTA is a ground-level storefront on Milwuakee just north of Armitage, accessible by the Blue Line and several bus lines.

This workshop is offered as part of VOLTA's Artist in Residence Community Class series. Please see for details about the rest of this series!