Ongoing in 2018

Over the coming year I'll be continuing to develop my solo Small Boobs as an artist in residence at VOLTA Performing Arts and at Links Hall, both in Chicago. Links will present the work as part of their Co-MISSIONS program the first weekend in June. I am so deeply grateful to both of these spaces for the opportunity make and share my work there.

I'm also part of the second year of FIELD/WORK, an educational and professional development residency at the Chicago Artists' Coalition, and from January - June 2018 I'll be part of the second year of LANDING with Miguel Gutierrez at Gibney Dance in NYC. I'm thrilled about both of these opportunities to keep learning and challenging myself in community with fellow artists.


Upcoming Performances

On March 10 I'm performing in Hot Kitchen's 13 Love Songs at 7pm at the Den Theater in Wicker Park, Chicago. Have a feeling it's gonna be a blast.

On March 11 I'm performing from 1-4pm as part of Udita Upadhyaya's show nevernotmusic at Roman Susan (1224 W. Loyola, Chicago). Udita has invited a host of amazing performers to be part of this series of Sundays and I recommend you check out all of them.


Practicing Performing: A Performance Anxiety Workshop

As part of my residency at VOLTA, I'm running the community class slot the third Wednesday of every month. I've been using the space to offer support around anxiety workshopping, and now through June, the focus will be specifically on performance anxiety.

Does performing scare the shit out of you? Is it also your primary mode of human interaction? Do both of those propositions go a little to far, but still, you do sometimes have a sympathetic nervous system response when doing your thing in front of others? If so, this workshop is for you.

Practicing Performing takes an exposure therapy and research-based approach to a common challenge. Each week of this workshop, which runs on third Wednesdays from February through June 2018, participants will have the chance to:
- Perform up to 5 minutes of content
- Debrief the experience with others
- Learn about current highlights in research around anxiety in general, performance anxiety in particular, and strategies for working with both
- Connect with others over a shared challenge

Refreshments provided, additions welcome!

**RSVP REQUIRED** in order to ensure space.
Email to RSVP.

Cost: $10 with some facilitator-funded spaces reserved. Ask about this in your RSVP. 

Performers of all disciplines and experience levels welcome.

VOLTA is a ground-level accessible storefront on Milwaukee near Western & Armitage and off the Blue Line and several bus lines.