Late 2017

I'm thrilled to have found out that in Spring 2018 I'll be developing my solo Small Boobs as a Co-MISSIONS artist in residence at Links Hall. Thanks Links for everything you do, and I can't wait to continue my work there.

In the meantime, I'm also extremely grateful to have been offered a residency at Volta Performing Arts, a new studio in Logan Square, through which I'll be able to stay in the process of building Small Boobs until the residency at Links begins.


Recent happenings

The Fly Honey Show 8, Summer 2017

It was so illuminating and nourishing to come back to this show as a Hive member for my second summer. Enormous gratitude to the whole cast and production team and everyone who makes the experience possible for me and the community.


Art Share host + performer at the Art Monastery in Springfield, VT, June 30


"Some Queeries for Harry Styles" at Full Stop

My essay went up in June. Deep thanks to editor Eric Jett for making this possible and for his work to strengthen the piece.


Vaudeo Motion at High Concept Labs' Comfort Station takeover, Chicago, May 20, 7:30pm

Homecoming collaboration. Uncovering the tripped-out otherworld playground of analog technology feedback loops.


Favorite Song with M Wu, Time & Place Series at Mana Contemporary Chicago First Saturdays, May 6, 1-4pm

Favorite Song is a performance jukebox. Initiated by viewers’ selection of songs from an expansive playlist of 20th & 21st century pop classics, two dancers offer personalized, improvised celebrations of these favorites in a durational commitment to shared musical devotion. Can we channel what that song does for you? What does it feel like when we don’t? Part dance, part lip sync, part drag, part deconstruction, Favorite Song is a love letter to music that seeks to map the outskirts of shared experience.


Sustain with Patrick Zakem for HybridSalon 4, curated/organized/produced by Genesis (Lindsey Barlag Thornton + Amanda Dunne Acevedo), Hairpin Arts Center, Chicago, April 2017

Quotidian objects, transcendental soundscape, a story about learning somebody else's story.